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Chef Rubén Guerrero Simón

Born in Valencia, Spain, Rubén started his career in the industry by studying for a hospitality degree in his teens. His passion for cooking soon took over and he chose to combine his studies with learning on the job. Working in small restaurants for two years, the 18 year old left for London equipped with a degree and yearning to cook professionally. He spent a year in a Spanish restaurant that was considered the best in the capital at the time. With his first real experience of the heat in the kitchen, Rubén returned to his homeland where he worked in a few restaurants until he realised his need to build a career. This brought him to Neichel in Barcelona, which belonged to Jean Louis Neichel who is known to be the first chef de cuisine to win a Michelin star. Rubén believe his year spent cooking at Neichel was one of his best experiences. He trained with the culinary legend dabbling with a mix of Catalonian, German and French cuisines. He then moved back to Valencia, where he worked with chef Quique Dacosta, who owned multiple restaurants. Rubén learned to work in a combined kitchen that prepared food for two styles of restaurants – one casual and the other upmarket, created under the influence of its flagship venue that earned three Michelin stars. The next year, Rubén found himself back in London to expand his horizons and explore his future as a chef. Over the years, he learned to speak English and work in a multicultural kitchen. It wasn’t long before he took a plane to Dubai. Three years into life in the Middle East, the 30-year-old is now part of the kitchen brigade at the swanky Japanese haute cuisine restaurant in Abu Dhabi – 99 Sushi Restaurant & Bar.



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